On sale June 14

“Tender....Chenoweth’s affectionate style works marvelously, capturing the decadence of youth.”
The New York Times

“Chenoweth writes with a restraint that allows minor gestures to become elegantly weighted with meaning.”
The New Yorker

“An understated debut novel of great beauty and power.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Elegantly crafted.”
Vanity Fair

“A tender ode to empathy.... Every page of this book serves as an affirmation of the terrible, wrenching beauty of life.”
Elle Magazine

“[Chenoweth] writes gracefully and eloquently of loss and love, portraying both generations at their most self-absorbed and most vulnerable.”
Library Journal

“A beautiful novel ...Chenoweth’s eye for telling detail is as sure as her language is playful.”
Alice Sebold, author of The Almost Moon and
The Lovely Bones


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